Daxs Deals, Inc

3618 Sycamore Dairy Road - Fayetteville NC, 28303

(910) 323-4800

Daxs Deals 2

3301 Raeford Road - Fayetteville, NC 28303

(910) 920-3478

Dealership Staff

Dax F Yarborough

CEO President

Phone: 910-527-4050

E-Mail: daxyar@msn.com

Dax Yarborough comes from a long line of businessman in the automotive industry. His great grandfather, Wilson, started Yarborough Motor Company on Russell Street in downtown Fayetteville in the late 1930's. His grandfather, Wilson Jr., succeeded his father and managed Yarborough Motors until 2000.

AJ Jai

Senior Finance Manager

Phone: 910-323-4800

E-Mail: aj4imports@aol.com

Andy Harnsberger

Finance Manager

Phone: 910-689-7590

E-Mail: aharns173@gmail.com

Ashley Brewer

Internet Sales Manager

Phone: 910-818-6918

E-Mail: ashleybrewerj@gmail.com

Andre Johnson

Sales Consultant

Phone: 910-920-3478

E-Mail: abjohnson24@hotmail.com

Jessica Fernandez

Accounts Payable

Phone: 910-323-4800



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